Cambridge Econometrics and Maastricht University

 TECHNEQUALITY is designed to co-create theoretical understanding, empirical research and policy works between researchers and policy stakeholders. Our findings will be useful for policy makers at local, national and international governments which can make use of its results and are expected to be engaged since the very beginning. We have designed this project for knowledge exchange in close engagement with different communities, including policy makers representing local, national and international governments in European countries. The co-creation with policy makers should lead to greater policy impacts which also extent beyond the project. Partners are selected for having a proven track record working with policy makers, and translating research findings in actionable policies. 
In this project all TECHNEQUALITY partners will collaborate with government stakeholders to co-create concrete and actionable policy recommendations based on the main outcomes of the research to ensure that the work carried out is translated into policy action. To enable this, we ensure that the results of the project are suitable, actionable and useful. 

  1. The future of work in Europe

  2.  Understanding technological inequality

  3. Educating for tomorrow's labor market

  4. Reinventing social welfare

  5. Understanding consequences for public finances

  6. Is this time really different?

  7. Co-creating policies that work


Maastricht University (ROA)

University of Oxford (OMS, Skope)

Cambridge Econometrics (CE)

Berlin Social Science Centre (WZB)

University of Tallinn  (Sociology dept)

University of Tilburg (Tranzo)

University of Stockholm (SOFI)

European University Institite (SPS)


Prof. dr. Mark Levels

[mail] [phone]

Dr. Raymond Montizaan 

[mail] [phone

Maaike Bierman (project officer)



This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No 822330

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